How to
UV Curing

1949 Prototype #2
2 foot SG-1 curing kit
Advanced lamp placement
Aging a maple neck
Aging Alder - Fender / Warmoth Telecaster Cabronita
Aging alder wood on a guitar
Aging mahogany - Les Paul with satin finish
Aging mahogany - Stratocaster guitar
Aging nitrocellulose lacquer on a Fender Precision Bass
Aging Pine - "1949" Barncaster (100 year old pine)
Aging Swamp Ash - "1964" Fender Telecaster
Barncaster - Simple aging and finish project
Basic safety information
Bi pin (or bipin)
Birdeye maple fretboard
Built your own UV rig
Busting common myths about cannabis and UV
Cannabis - Example 1
Cleaning UV bulbs
Clear plastic shields
Color Temperature
Comparing LED and fluorescent lamps
Confused about which lamps and ballasts you need?
Cooling fan with wire
Cue and Lure High Power Kit
Curall 365 - 16 lamp Professional Pack
Curall 365 - Curing, nails & more
Curall 392 (F32T8)
Curall kit (4 bulb)
Curing rigs - Actual hand built examples
Customer photos
Daphne Blue - Nitro over urethane to age it with UV
David W. Pate
Dealers and Distributor Info
Dictionary and FAQ
Digital Timer
Ed Rosenthal
Ed Rosenthal
Epiphone 339 (by Gibson)
Erythema curve
Examples of aging wood
Expert articles
Explaining the Inverse Square Law
Explaining UV and Cannabis
F20T12 fixture
F32 fixture
F32, T8, T12, F40, etc
F64 Chaining Cable - 6ft
F64 Power Cable - 6ft
F64 Pro Fixture
Fan kit
Farm and Ranch F32T8
Fender Player Series Stratocaster w/ Pau Ferro neck
Fender Telecaster Neck (one piece maple)
Finishes for UV curing
First Act
Fixtures & Parts
Flower Power 8 Pack w/ F64 Premium Fixtures
Flower Power Explained
Flower Power F20 (2 foot)
Flower Power F40 (4 foot)
Flower Power T-shirt - Limited supplies
FOUR PACK - 4 hole wire connector
Free Software
G&L ASAT Classic - Aging swamp ash & maple
Gallery of images
Going Rogue on an acoustic guitar
Hg (mercury)
Hour meter - 120V
Hour meter diagram
How long will it take to cure my finish?
How temperature affects UV output
How to
How to age wood
Hybrid Stratocaster / Telecaster interview with Dennis Brown, owner of Solacure
John Lydon (Ph. D.)
Jorge Cervantes
Killing Powdery Mildew
Kit of 4 (4 foot bulbs)
Kit: Two Flower Power + Two Fixtures (2 ft) & Timer
Kit: Two Flower Power bulbs + 2 fixtures (4 ft) + Timer
Kits with ballasts
Lamp holder (lampholder, tombstone)
Lamp Life
Leviton lamp holder - surface mount
Maple / Rosewood Telecaster Neck by Aklot
Mark C's rig (different Mark)
Mark's rig
Mini Fixture F32 and F17
Mold, mildew and insects - Cannabis
Money Back Guarantee
More About Cannabis and UV lighting
Multiple Fender Telecaster / Stratocaster necks
My first booth rig
My table rig
National Guitars and Resonators
One Flower Power F20 Bulb + Fixture (2 ft)
Our Projects
Phlizon LED Light
Pick the right ballast
Pine, aging through a thick shiny finish
Plant stressing
Plant stressing
Pool cues & small items
Powering your lamps
Purdue University
Rated life
Reading material (growers)
Recycle, Reuse, Reduce
Relay - 120VAC coil
Relay - 240VAC coil
Relay - 24VAC coil
Relay / Contactor diagram
Removing wire from a lamp holder
Removing wire from a lamp holder
Safety Data Sheet (was MSDS)
Save! Lamp multi-packs
SG 20" kit with 3 bulbs
SG-1 (24" version)
SG-1 (6 foot lamp, best value)
SG-1 (6 foot) 16 pack
SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
SG-1-20 (20" lamp)
SG-1-40 (48" lamp)
SG1-40 (4 foot) 16 pack
SG1-40 - four bulb VHO (80w)
Stressing Cannabis
SunHorse ballast 120V
SunHorse ballast 230V
SunHorse diagram
SunMaster lampholder - thru mount
Super B - Horticulture T8 lamp
Switch diagram
T12 vs. T8 vs. T5
Terms of Use
Texas A&M University
The F64: Powering a bulb at 20w or 40w using one ballast and one wire.
The Farmer in the Sky (Micheal Wolf Segal)
Two mock guitars, before and after
Ultraviolet is a color
Understanding Reflector UVA lamps (RUVA)
Understanding the lamp holder
Univeral UV kit (4 bulb)
Universal UV FR32T8
University of Florida
Unpacking Flower Power bulbs
US Dept. of Energy
Using the SRI2000 Spectrometer
UV Curing
UV Glasses
UV on Colors
UV Warning
UVC bulb 2 foot
UVC bulb 2 foot w/ fixture
UVC Germicidal / Industrial
Violin Kit - 4 bulb (Best Seller)
Violin kit for guitars
Violin Kit with F64 Fixtures (now with UV glasses)
Walter P. Haze - Testing
Warranty Info
Web links
Welcome growers!
Wiring diagrams
Wood aging
Workhorse 7 ballast
Workhorse 7 diagram
Workhorse 8 ballast
Workhorse 8 diagram
Workhorse 8 VHO diagram
Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best or we will give you your money back. Our patented glass is more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our custom cathode/anode sets lets you run 2 to 3 times more power than a standard lamp in the same size. All of our lamps have built in reflectors. We have a lamp for every need.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list. Order online, over the phone, or call us if you need a custom UV lamp made, with fairly low minimums (around 2000 pieces). We can make it happen.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
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