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Free Software
Solacure supports the Free Software Foundation and a number of Free Software/Information organizations. We use a number of software packages and images from free sources, and donate to many of these organizations in the way of cash, time and material. Please note that our own images on this website are not licensed as "free", and instead we upload more generic copies of much of them to Wikipedia Commons, so you shouldn't take images from here and use them. Some of them are licensed by Shutterstock only to us, and you may get a nasty letter by them if you use them. (Trust me, I've had it happen before with a different company, and it cost $1000 to settle, so don't.) These include:

We have used different flavors of Linux for 20 years. Yes, we were early adopters, back when you compiled your own kernels and utilities. We have tried Ubuntu, RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware, Debian and others. We aren't distro snobs; we are big fans of Linux in any flavor.

CentOS is a RedHat compatible Linux distribution that offers enterprise class server software at no cost. While not the most cutting edge, it is fully RH compatible and ridiculously stable. We have used CentOS for about a decade on our most mission critical servers.

Like Linux, FreeBSD is a Unix clone, but has its roots in actual Unix. Our ecommerce website is hosted by Yahoo, who uses FreeBSD as a server platform.

We contribute time and money to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and use a number of images (credited on each) from their free library.

While technically not free software, they do provide a free education for basic HTML and CSS, and I've referred a great number of young students, who cut their teeth on HTML for free thanks to this company.

The Apache Foundation
We've been using their software since they first started in 1999. This includes the Apache HTTP Server, the most common web server software on the internet, and now the Open Office suite, a fully compatible and completely free office software suite. We run Open Office on every computer, and Apache HTTP Server on every web server.

Perl - The Programming Language
While lots of utility languages have come around, such as PHP, Python, Ruby and others, We use Perl for all utilities, maintenance, even for credit application programs, and have since the 1990s. Thanks to Larry Wall for making it possible for people who aren't full time programmers to still get things done.

Of course, we use software from a number of other sources, but we wanted to simply list the most important free software packages and give proper respect.