How to

F32, T8, T12, F40, etc
These numbers are based on ISO standards and are fairly straight forward. A regular lamp size will look like this: F32T8. It can be divided into two sections, the F number and the T number. These are used to guarantee compatibility between lamps.

F stands for "Fluorescent lamp". The number afterwards stand for the wattage. In some larger or older style lamps, it instead stands for the nominal length of the lamp.

T stands for thickness, more or less. This is calculated in 1/8" increments. This means a T8 lamp is 8/8ths of an inch in diameter, or 1 inch. A T12 is 12/8ths of an inch, or 1.5" in diameter. A T5 is 5/8" in diameter.

All F32 and F40 lamps are essentially 4 foot long lamps (47" if you don't count the pins). The FR71T12 is actually a 71" long x 1.5" diameter lamp that can handle from 80-120w and is typically run at 100w. It uses the different use of the F number.

If you see an R next to the F (ie: FR32T8) that means the lamp has a reflector built inside of it. This is not really ISO standard nomenclature, but it is handy to differentiate between reflector and non-reflector lamps.

The most common sizes we talk about are:

F32T8 - 4 foot long, 1 inch in diameter.
F40T12 - 4 foot long, 1.5" in diameter.
F71T12 - 6 foot long, 1.5" in diameter.
F54T5 - 46" long, 5/8" in diameter.

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