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Removing wire from a lamp holderRemoving wire from a lamp holder
Every now and then, you might change up your UV curing rig, or just make a mistake when building it, and you need to remove a wire. I use the Leviton lamp holders, like we sell here, because they are heavy duty and can be reused many times. The key is having the right tools. In this case, you need a paperclip. Medium sized, the cheap, smooth metal kind, NOT the fancy ridged ones. In the example, this is the SunMaster pull-thru style lamp end, but the principle is the same for all of them.

Almost all lamp holders have holes that are key shaped, or oval-ish. You take the paperclip, and straighten out a bend or two so you have a nice, straight piece of metal to work with. Now push the paperclip into the smaller part of the hold (indicated by the arrow above) deep enough that the wire is released. Then pull out the paperclip. The key is that the wire is soft copper and the paperclip is hard steel, so the lamp holder's reed won't grip it. You might have to wiggle it a bit, but not much. If you are having to use effort, you probably don't have the paperclip in deep enough.

You will probably spend more time looking for the paperclip than actually removing the wire, it is that easy. Using a little finesse and patience, the lamp holder will still work find, and the whole operation only takes a few seconds.

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