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Removing wire from a lamp holder
Every now and then, you need to remove a wire from a lamp holder. It is usually pretty easy if you know how, and completely impossible if you don't. I'm going to demonstrate using one of the Leviton lamp holders that we use in our UV curing kits, but the principle holds true for just about every lamp holder made.

removing wire from a solacure lamp holder
To do this, you will need a medium sized paper clip, with a few inches of it straightened out so you can get a grip with it.

removing wire from a solacure lamp holder
Next you need to identify where to insert. The hole for the wire isn't perfectly round, they are a "keyhole", with a slight taper designed specifically to make it easier to remove a wire if needed. In this image, the keyed portion is in the top, thus that is where we will insert the paperclip. This is always the side that has the metal tab that holds the wire in place, similar to a reed valve.

removing wire from a solacure lamp holder
Next, insert the paperclip into the keyhole portion. The key is to press it down enough to release the metal tab that is holding the wire in place, but not so far that the paperclip itself becomes lodged. It may take a time to two to get it right. Insert just past the point that you feel resistance.

removing wire from a solacure lamp holder
With the paperclip holding the metal tab away from the wire, you should be able to simply remove the wire (you might have to push in just a fraction, if it has a burr of metal where it was held in place). Then remove the paperclip. The key is to be as gentle as you can, so you don't damage the lamp holder and can reuse it. You're done.

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