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Single bulb VHO Kit (80w - 4ft)
Single bulb VHO Kit (80w - 4ft)Single bulb VHO Kit (80w - 4ft)
Single bulb VHO Kit (80w - 4ft)
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Product Description
This is a simple kit to power 1x SG-1-40 curing/aging bulb at 80w, which is VHO mode (very high output). For most serious hobbyists or craftsmen, this isn't the right kit, you would want the standard VHO kit with 4 bulbs @ 80w each. This single 80w system is good for single jobs, adding to existing kits, or people that need strong UV over a small area only.

Here is what is in the kit:

1 x SG-1-40 curing/aging bulb, FR40T12, 4 foot long
1 x Universal voltage ballast (120v-240v, auto adjust)
2 x Wire connectors
2 x Lamp holders with mounting screws
2 x Wire stubs (one red, one yellow)
1 x UV glasses, for safety
1 x Sheet with safety and wiring info.

Kit doesn't come with power cord or hardware to mount the ballast, which are common parts and you likely have laying around. To keep the price down, we've stripped the kit to the basics. The above image is the wiring diagram, which is easy to follow.

Here is the actual kit. Normally, we will prewire the lamp ends for you, so you just insert the color wires from the sealed ballast. Stainless steel screws to mount the lamp holders are included.
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