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Whole Hog Kit with lamps and fixtures
Whole Hog Kit with lamps and fixtures
Whole Hog Kit with lamps and fixtures
Item#: HH6kit

Product Description
This has everything you need to build a basic tanning system for pigs, except the wooden structure (explained below). This kit includes:

6 x Universal UV F32 pig tanning lamps, the industry standard
3 x F32 dual bulb fixture with 120v cord added.

These are all metal dual bulb fixtures that we have added cords to (5 foot or longer) so you can easily plug them in to any 6x outlet strip. Total amp load is under 2 amps for all combined fixtures. We have chosen this design for a reason. There is no reflector because reflectors do not reflect UV, just visible light. Our lamps have reflectors built inside them anyway. It's one of the features that makes them stand out. The reflectorless fixture is lighter and a bit easier to work with.

These fixtures are North American sourced (US when we can, otherwise Mexico or Canada, like all our fixtures). Each holds two bulbs. The power cord is already installed in our US factory. Everything is UL or ETL listed.

When then arrive, they will be in the "collapsed" state, but they are easy to click into place. Inside the fixture is four screws (two per end) and two clips (one per end), and you just take each end, rotate into place, insert two screws and you are done. Don't put the case cover on the fixtures just yet, however.

Once you have assembled the basic structure of the fixture for all three fixtures, you will need a structure to mount them to. We recommend making a square out of three 2x4s, 2x3s or even 2x2s, similar to how a furniture dolly is constructed. 3ft x 3ft is fine, depending on how wide you want to mount the fixtures. Obviously you won't need casters or carpet.... but the image give you the right idea.

Now we need to lay the frame on the ground, flip the three fixtures over in the pattern you can to use, and put in two short screws per end. Likely, you can just punch through the steel if you are suing a 1" drywall screw or similar. Make sure you have all three power cords on the same side of the right (unless there is some reason you want to not).

Next you need a way to suspend the rig over the pen. Most of you will just install 2 or 4 eyehooks to suspend it by chain or rope. This all depends on your setup, so we won't labor it here. After attaching the connectors, install the covers on the fixtures but install the bulbs just yet. Go ahead and hang/suspend or whatever you are doing to get the rig out of the way of the pigs.

Once suspended, now you install the bulbs. Make sure you install so they click into place and the product label faces the pigs. If you install upside down, the pigs will get 0% UV, so this is important. Below is a rough example of ONE way to do this, from the pig's perspective....

This systems isn't as pretty or fancy as the store bought systems for pig tanning, and we aren't trying to compare them. They all use the same lamp, our Universal UV (we supply them), and the same basic electronics, so the power is the same. If you can swing the extra $$$ for the store bought one, buy it. It will save you some time. If not, this kit will serve you well, or if you can find the fixture and wire up the power yourself, that also works. In the end, the results will be the same. Our goal is just to bridge that gap between "store bought" and having to do all of it yourself.

Note: We do not sell these fixtures individually at this time, just as part of this complete kit.
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