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Pig Tanning for ShowPig Tanning for Show
You're hear because you've heard that people are tanning their pigs for show. Make the dark areas darker, while using sunscreen to keep the white areas white. Yes, it is true, and Solacure was the first company to make lamps specifically for pig tanning. If fact, we are the only company. If you see a pig tanning fixture being sold at shows or places like Sullivans in the midwest, they are all using Solacure bulbs.

Pig tanning is similar to human tanning, in that they produce melanin when exposed to UVB and that melanin oxidizes and turn dark when exposed to UVA. A good lamp is one with just enough UVB to stimulate melanin production, but mainly UVA for oxidation. We have two choices.

Universal UV
The Universal UV is the original pig tanning lamp. 6.5% UVB / 93.5% UVA, it is very similar to the sun. Start with 5 to 10 minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes per day to build the tan, then 30 minutes two or three times a week to maintain the color. This is our premium lamp for tanning pigs. Slower than the Farm and Ranch, but your pigs will get darker over time.

Farm & Ranch
Designed based on the needs of farmers with many pigs, the Farm & Ranch is based on the same shell as the Universal UV, but it is much faster. Start with 3 to 5 minutes and work your way up to 15 minutes per day to build color, then two or three times a week to maintain it. Much faster than the Universal, although the total color is not as dark as with the Universal.

Basics Both bulbs use the same fixtures and are fully interchangeable. Both conform to F32 T8 standards, which is the most common fixture in the USA. This means they will work just fine in any standard shop light or office light fixture made for 4 foot bulbs. Even old F40T12 will work, although at 30% higher power and output. You can also build your own custom fixture. They will operate on as little as 15 watts or as much as 60, although 20 to 24 watts (real watts, not "rated" watts) is the norm. The higher you power them, the shorter the life, however.

Most people are going to get around 1200 hours of use out of these lamps, which averages about once per year for many people. Typical applications use 6 to 8 bulbs, sometimes 8 lamps in four of the two bulb fixtures, in a dome shape just like a people tanning bed. Best results are from keeping the bulbs from 6 inches away from the pig to 12 inches away. Start slow, if you see slight reddening, that is fine. If you see a lot of reddening, you need to pull back on the time.

People have asked if we have "pig tanning lotion". We do not at this time, but we are working with a few chemists we have worked with in the past, and wanting to develop a product to cut the time down, without using a lot of harsh chemicals. Stay tuned!

Universal UV FR32T8
Regular price: $49.99
Sale price: $39.99, 16/$479.84
Farm and Ranch F32T8
Regular price: $54.99
Sale price: $39.99, 8/$239.92
Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best or we will give you your money back. Our patented glass is more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our custom cathode/anode sets lets you run 2 to 3 times more power than a standard lamp in the same size. All of our lamps have built in reflectors. We have a lamp for every need.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list. Order online, over the phone, or call us if you need a custom UV lamp made, with fairly low minimums (around 2000 pieces). We can make it happen.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
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