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Curing rigs - Actual hand built examples
I'm handy with a soldering iron, but I am NOT a carpenter. If I can build these then YOU can do it better! Here I show you some of my projects, to give you ideas on how to build your own, and show you how easy it is. At the bottom is example of rigs our customers have built. Poke around, steal the best ideas from each. I'm confident you can build a custom rig that is better than anything you can buy......for less than 1/10th of the price.

Daniel's Rig (aging flooring)
Exceptionally well built box for exposing wood flooring boards before they are installed, to match the color to the old wood.
Brian's rig - fishing lures in an ice chest
An innovative way to make a portable UV curing rig that is very portable, and is immune to damage to the rig itself. Uses for fishing lures, but would work with any product that can utilize 2 foot UV curing lamps.
My table rig
My first curing rig. I've build lots of jigs, but this is the first built for actual curing and aging. Uses 6 lamps, 32 watts each for a total of around 192 watts.
Mark's rig
A simple, elegant and well designed budget rig that will scale easily, using 4 foot lamps. Perfect for guitar bodies, violins and similar wood items.
Mark C's rig (different Mark)
This is for doing items in the 18"x24" range. Mark uses it for special contact photography, but it could be used for any smaller, flat projects.
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