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By visiting and reading the information provided on this website, you agree to the following terms that our lawyers make us say:

Specifications are subject to change

Product specifications are subject to change at any time. Solacure reserves the right to upgrade or improve products. Although we try hard to insure that our descriptions are 100% accurate, typos or mistakes can happen. You agree to hold Solacure harmless for any inaccuracies, even if we have been told about the inaccuracies previously. Generally speaking, we are pretty good at keeping the website up to date, but still, we have to make this disclaimer.

Information is provided AS-IS

The information provide on this website and the blog website is for educational purposes only, and is provided AS-IS with no guarantee of usability, accuracy or fitness for commercial application. Some jurisdictions do not allow for this exclusion, and if your location is one of those, then you are not authorized to view the website. Simply put, every piece of wood, surfboard, UV cure resin and plant is different, and there is absolutely no way we can promise that any piece of information is rock solid guaranteed accurate in every situation. Life doesn't work that way. We promise to try to provide accurate and usable information, but it is up to you to take that information and tailor it to your specific situation. Under no circumstance does Solacure accept responsibility for damages arising from the use or misuse of any information provided herein.

Legality of information

Some of the information on this website concerns growing cannabis (marijuana) for medicinal purposes. As of the writing of this document, about half the US states have legalized medicinal cannabis in one form or another, but the other half have not. It is not practical to screen visitors by the laws of their locality. Providing information on growing cannabis is legal in all US states, per the 1st Amendment of the Unites States Constitution. A number of fine books have been written on the subject by such well respected authors as Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal. This website is not designed to be a replacement for them, but to instead offer experience that has been shared from other growers. As such, the information comes from a broader spectrum of growers, although likely less disciplined.

Legality of products

We do not have a "cannabis only" grow lamp, so legality of our products is a non-issue. It is easy to say that the overwhelming majority of our customers are buying our lamps for UV curing and other purposes, yet it is obvious that a minority of our customer do indeed purchase lamps for "plant stressing" of cannabis. We generally do not ask our customers what their application is when they buy lamps, as there is no such requirement. However, we have no choice but to refuse to ship lamps to someone for the sole purpose of growing cannabis in an area where we know it is illegal. For example, if you live in North Carolina (where Solacure is located) and ask about lamps for growing cannabis, we can talk about it all day but at the end of the phone call, I can't take your order for the lamps as there is no provision in law for medicinal cannabis here. If someone orders lamps off the website or over the phone, we simply assume it is for UV curing, as that is what the majority of our customers buy them for. I know this is an odd situation, but under no circumstances will we knowingly break the law, and we hope you understand.

Human consumption

Solacure does not selling tanning lamps. If that is what you are looking for, try TanningLamps4Less.com instead. None of our lamps are designed for tanning human skin, nor have they been tested for this purpose, nor are they FDA certified for this use. Using them for this purpose is outside the accepted use, and Solacure.com will not accept responsibility for any such use, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you should avoid all skin contact with the UV produced by our lamps, and follow basic safety protocols as you would any other UV device.

If you agree to these terms, please continue. If not, you are not authorized to view the website, and should instead go here.