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Reading material (growers)
This is under construction, it takes a while to filter through, read and guarantee the quality of the links. Many of these books are very technical rather than just practical, so not every link is going to be appropriate for every person. In the interest of completeness, we will try to include links for a variety of material. Those with external links are not within the Solacure domain, thus out of our control. These are listed by author, and is an ongoing project.

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Jorge Cervantes
Best selling author and leading authority on growing cannabis indoors or out.
Ed Rosenthal
One of the best known (and best selling) authors on cannabis cultivation, cannabis activist and lecturer at Oaksterdam University
John Lydon (Ph. D.)
The Effects of Ultraviolet-B Radiation on the Growth, Physiology and Cannabinoid Production of Cannabis Sativa L. (1985)
David W. Pate
Pate first wrote about the relationship between UVB and THC in 1983.
Web links
Links to common websites that cater to growers of medicinal cannabis
Information provide as a form of free speech.