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Mold, mildew and insects - CannabisMold, mildew and insects - Cannabis
These are things that can ruin a good crop. Growers generally do not want to use chemical pesticides or fungicides and for good reason. These are plants that humans are going to consume, often by smoking, and that would create a health hazard. We've been researching this cautiously over the last several years and want to share what we have discovered about UVB and these problems. The caution comes in because we don't want to overpromise, and we won't.

UVC (100nm-280nm) is used to disinfect surfaces and is actually pretty handy inside an air handler, but it will destroy your plants in less than one minute. I've had two customers that tried it before they found us, and they told me they used short bursts but their entire room was dead within a day. Don't use UVC on plants. It is effective at killing all living things. Marijuana and humans are also living things, and it is very harmful to both.

On the other hand, UVB isn't as powerful for killing bacteria and such, but we have found it is very good for suppressing mold and mildew, but it takes a lot of it. Several growers who had traditionally had problems in the past report they have zero problems now that they are using Flower Power lamps, which are extremely strong. They are even using old bulbs that are too weak for flowering (after two grow seasons, about 1/2 strength) and lighting under the plants in the late vegetative stage, then using fresh lamps in flowering, above the plants like normal. Things like bud rot and such simply are way less likely to happen and for most growers, they disappear.

The same is true for insects. Like us, they can't tolerate UV exposure for hours upon end, day after day. It will kill them. Of course, insects that stay under cover aren't affected but most of the time the Flower Power lamps will be very effective at suppressing them, and sometimes eliminating them even before you notice they are there.

Let me be clear: Flower Power lamps aren't a total solution for every situation. Almost all growers will see some benefit from them when it comes to disease, mold and insects. Many growers will find that it is all they need. A rare few will still have major problems, but in those cases, they have a serious environmental issue they need to address and no chemical or light is going to fix that. If you run a clean room with good habits, then yes, Flower Power WILL help you and will make a difference. Our Universal UV lamps are also shown to be helpful but to a lesser degree. This makes sense, since they aren't nearly as strong.

In short, buy Flower Power for higher THC but know that you are also getting a bit of an insurance policy when it comes to managing mold, mildew, insects and disease.

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