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Four pack of our newest fixture. Limited quantities. Save!
F64 Pro Fixture - 4 pack
F64 Pro Fixture - 4 pack
Item#: F64F
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Product Description
Our newest dual wattage F64 fixture that can power any 4 foot T8 or T12 lamp. The key feature is "daisy chaining", so you can plug one system into a circuit, and chain up to 12 more fixtures on the same chain. This saves you money in setup and simplifies larger setups.

This is a professional grade, slim profile, US made fixture that will run on anything from 120-240 volts and is built with the specific needs of commercial horticulture.


Height: 1.7" tall (not counting lamp holders)
Height: 3.5" (with lamp holders)
Width: 2.25" wide
Power in: 120v to 240v, auto-sensing.
Power out: 22w (F32 standard)
Bulb req.: Any Solacure F32 or F40 (univeral F32T8)
Ballast: High performance electronic
Country of origin: China
UL / CSA listed?: No, sorry. Warranty: One Year Limited
Specifications subject to change

Converting from 120v to 208v / 230v / 240v

Cut the 120v plug off and put on any plug you want. It's that simple. (Most will use a NEMA 6-15 for 208-240v) The ballast will auto sense the voltage, so if you have 208 (common in commercial buildings) or 240 (homes) it doesn't matter. Most will use the standard 120v but it is nice to know you have the option and can connect these to existing timer systems that are 120-240 volts.

Note that these are NOT CSA or UL listed. A few of you will need listing because of local codes, most will not, but we can't provide it. We have tried, but because these fixtures are chained, it would appear to be impossible to get listed. For 95% of you, this won't matter, but we want to be clear and up front so you don't get surprised.

Integrated flexible hooking system

Easy to work with, poly coated cable material makes installing these a snap as they will work with any hanging system that uses hooks, chains or carabiners. Hangers themselves are not included, just use whatever you have, it will work fine.

Cords included - chain up to 16 fixtures

Unlike our old fixtures, these have the cords included. Each 4 pack contains 1 120v 6ft power cord (can be modified for 208/240v if needed), and 3 chaining cords (C13 on one end, C14 on the other), 6+ foot long. You just plug in one fixture, then chain from fixture to fixture. If you are buying multiple kits, you can buy extra chaining cords to plug in up to 16 fixtures on one power cord.

Comes with cords (1 power, 3 chain), but extra cords for different configurations sold below

F64 Power Cable - 6ft

F64 Chaining Cable - 6ft

Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best or we will give you your money back. Our patented glass is more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our custom cathode/anode sets lets you run 2 to 3 times more power than a standard lamp in the same size. All of our lamps have built in reflectors. We have a lamp for every need.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list. Order online, over the phone, or call us if you need a custom UV lamp made, with fairly low minimums (around 2000 pieces). We can make it happen.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
We accept all major credit cards for our uv curing lamps

Got a question? The best way is usually to email us at sales@solacure.com.