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F64 Pro Fixture
F64 Pro Fixture
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Product Description
This is the fixture only, bulbs and cords are sold separately.

Our newest dual wattage F64 fixture that can power any 4 foot T8 or T12 lamp. The key feature is "daisy chaining", so you can plug one system into a circuit, and chain up to 12 more fixtures on the same chain. This saves you money in setup and simplifies larger setups.

This is a professional grade, slim profile, US made fixture that will run on anything from 120-277 volts and is built with the specific needs of commercial horticulture.


Height: 1.7" tall (not counting lamp holders)
Height: 3.0" (with lamp holders)
Width: 2.1" wide
Power in: 120v to 277v, auto-sensing.
Power out: 20w (standard) or 40w (internally jumped)
Ballast: General Electric UltraMax 2H, high performance electronic
Lamp holders: Leviton shunted
Country of origin: USA
Warranty: One Year Limited
Specifications subject to change

Converting from 120v to 208v / 230v / 240v / 277v

Cut the 120v plug off and put on any plug you want. It's that simple. (Most will use a NEMA 6-15 for 208-240v) The ballast will auto sense the voltage, so if you have 208 (common in commercial buildings) or 240 (homes) it doesn't matter. Even industrial 277v supplies will work with no modification other than replacing the plug with one of your choice. Note that for chaining, the cords are only certified for 250VAC.

Converting from 20w to 40w

Very few of you will do this, but it is easy to do. You will about a foot or less of 18ga solid wire, any color. You will see a wire join with ONE blue wire in it. With the power off, you will strip 5/8" of the insulation on both ends of the wire. Stab one end into the wire join with the blue wire, any hole. Stab the other end into the lamp holder that also has a blue wire in it (you may need to pinch it, and remove it from the fixture to do this). Now reassemble the fixture and you have twice the power going to the bulb, around 40 watts.

Tent growing, or close up growing....you do NOT want to do this. This is only for growers who are more than 3 feet away at all times and are already operating the lamps 4 hours or more per day. Large growers who run their lights 6 foot off the canopy are a good example of who might want to do this. If you aren't sure if you need this, then you probably don't. Call and ask before you do.

Using up to 12 fixtures per outlet (Chaining)
F64 Light Fixture

Installing the fixture

Remove the four screws on the case cover, push the lamp ends through the holes where they obviously go, replace the screws. If you have blue plastic protecting the cover, remove and throw away. How you wire will depend on your setup, but normally you use a Power Cord only on one fixture, plug it in to the circuit or timer, then use the Chain Cords to connect from one fixture to another. Each fixture has two ports on it, 1x C13 and 1x C14. These are used for connecting to the main power, and to allow chaining to other fixtures. You can also see there are slots and holes for chain mounting.

F64 electrical connections

Note: Because they can be used to plug in directly, or to be chained, you must purchase a cord for each fixture, according to your needs.

Some will want a Power Cord for each fixture, some will want one power cord and bunch of Chain Cord, so there is not a way to automatically include them with the fixture and always get it right. Bulb is not included either.
F64 Power Cable - 6ft

F64 Chaining Cable - 6ft

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