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Relative power for different ballast/lamp combinations

Disclaimer: This should be used ONLY for comparing different ballast combinations, not for picking lamps.  The lamps used for these tests are reference grade UVA/B lamps, FR32T8 size, but they are not a product we sell or have ever offered for testing.  These numbers shouldn't be taken too literal, particularly "totals" as they don't account for wave cancellation and the other practical realities of building a UV rig.  They still do provide some good basic guidance.  Watts rating is based on draw at plug, and doesn't count thermal loss. UV output numbers measured at face of warm bulb, center of lamp.
Ballast # of lamps x size Total Amps/Watts @ 120VAC Watts per lamp UVA+B mW/cm2 per lamp Total mW/cm2 mW/cm2 per watt of incoming power
Workhorse 8 4xF32 1.42A/170.4W 42.6W 21 84 0.493W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 8 6xF32 1.86A/223.2W 37.2W 18.5 111 0.497W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 8 - VHO 3xF32 2.6A/156W 52W 32 96 0.6515W UV per mW/AC
40W F40 ballast 2xF32 .67A/80.4W 40.2W 20 40 0.498W UV per mW/AC
32W F32 ballast 4xF32 1.02A/122.4W 30.6W 15 60 0.490W UV per mW/AC
SunHorse 4xF32 2.21A/265.2W 66.3W 29 116 0.437W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 7 4xF32 1.55A/186W 46.5W 24 96 0.516W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 7 4xF17 .84A/100.8W 25.2W * * *
Please note that the SunHorse ballast did have the highest output, but it voids the warranty and is out of specification.  The most efficient as well as highest power within specification is running the Workhorse 8 on three lamps. At 52 watts, it is near the top end of the design but still well within specification. For close in curing applications in particular, this is the best choice.

Readings that show an astrisk (*) indicate that a measurement wasn't taken for that metric.
This next chart is for a variety of T12 (1.5" diameter) lamps, in the 48 (FR40) and 20 (FR20) inch sizes. Like the above numbers, this chart should never be the sole determining factor in determining which lamps size or ballast to you, but will provide useful info for the engineer. As above, the UV/W numbers do NOT account for lamp length, so is useless when comparing lamps of different lengths, and in fact, can be misleading when doing so as the UV output is based on a single point, not total linear output. (ie: it represents intensity at one point, not total light.) These numbers are using SG class lamps, standard lamps will be lower. All lamps tested use RUVA style reflectors.
Ballast # of lamps x size Total Amps/Watts @ 120VAC Watts per lamp UVA+B mW/cm2 per lamp Total mW/cm2 mW/cm2 per watt of incoming power
Workhorse 8 6xF40 1.67A/200.4W 33.4W 13 78 0.389W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 8 4xF40 1.3A/156W 39W 15 60 0.385W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 8-HO 3xF40 1.45A/174W 58W 20 50 0.345W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 8-VHO 2xF40 1.32A/158.4W 79.2W 25 50 0.316W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 7 4xF40 1.37A/164.4W 41.1W 14.5 58 0.353W UV per mW/AC
SunHorse (HO) 4xF40 1.98A/247.6W 59.4W 21 84 0.354W UV per mW/AC
SunHorse (VHO) 4xF40 1.98A/247.6W 79.2.4W 21 84 0.354.W UV per mW/AC
Workhorse 5 (VHO) 1xF40 .66A/79.2W 99W 18.5 18.5 -
BW120 2xF40 .75A/90W 45W ? ? -

FR20T12, 19" lamps

Workhorse 7 4xF20 .65A/78W 19.5W 15 60 0.769
Workhorse 8 4xF20 .61A/73.2W 18.3W 13.5 54 0.738
Workhorse 8 (VHO) 3xF20 .68A/81.6W 27.2W 19 57 0.699
BW120 2xF20 .45A/58W 29W ? ? ?
BW120 4xF20 (series x 2) .75A/100W 25W ? ? ?
Note on above FR40 lamps:

Running the FR40T12 at 100w is within specifications but we have found that 80w is the best maximum wattage due to physics, not any issue with the lamp itself. As you increase the wattage over 80w, the amount of UV you get from the lamp doesn't increase dramatically but the wear and tear on the lamp is 25% higher.
Relative output of various Solacure fixtures
Model # of lamps x size Amps @ 120VAC Watts per lamp UVA+B mW/cm2 per lamp Total mW/cm2  
Original F32 1xF32 or 1xF40 .20A 24 680 680 Pretty much a standard F32 fixture.
Dual Mode (prototype) 1xF32 or 1xF40 .23A / .34A 27.6W / 40.8W 800 / 1200 800 / 1200 This unit has a switch to go from normal to turbo mode.
? 1xF32 or 1xF40 ? ? ? ? Prototype in development.
Measurements taken 1.5" away from plant, partially obscured. Numbers do not represent what you will get, they are just for comparison of the different systems. Measured using a Flower Power FR40T12 lamp. Some rounding has been done to make graph more readable.
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