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G&L ASAT Classic - Aging swamp ash & mapleG&L ASAT Classic - Aging swamp ash & maple
Unfortunately, by the time the Warmoth Cabronita body showed up and was ready for sanding, I got pneumonia. It hasn't stopped me from working most days, but I won't be sanding anything and sucking in dust for a couple of weeks. That said, I needed a project to work on that was simple, then it dawned on me that owning a nice G&L ASAT Classic would be nice. This is the Limited Edition, which has the older style alnico pickups instead of the newer style MFD design by Leo Fender. For $499, it is pretty hard to beat. As soon as it gets here, we are going to age it down, through the finish, the entire guitar front and back. This will take more time since these have a thick finish, but actually the finish is very similar to US poly finishes, even though this guitar is made in Indonesia.

We will be using 6 lamps @ 80w each on one side of the rig (Rig #1) and two 40w lamps on the sides, so we will have to flip the guitar over once per day. The lamp, of course, is the Solacure SG-1-40, our premiere aging lamp with probably 100,000 guitars/violins/pool cues/fishing lures and such that have used them.

We had to abbreviate this test. What you see here is an approximation of 48 hours exposure. The finish did indeed slow down the aging, but didn't stop it.

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