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I tend to use guitars as examples of what Solacure does for aging wood and curing finish because, hey, guitars are cool. :) I will be testing all kinds of wood, usually with a clear finish. Often, these projects are ongoing, so they will get updated over time. There are so many variables, like type of finish, whether you age raw wood, through a sealer, through a single coat or through a finished guitar. I can't test for every finish type with every wood or I would have 300 guitars (which isn't a bad thing....). You should be able to glean enough from these pages to have a good idea what to expect.

I'm NOT a luthier or refinishing expert, so you will see lots of mistakes. Often, things don't come out as planned. It all a learning experience. That's the idea: I make the mistakes so you don't have to, so read, learn, have fun and lets make some beautiful projects.


Hybrid Stratocaster / Telecaster
Info coming soon
Multiple Fender Telecaster / Stratocaster necks
Fender Telecaster Neck (one piece maple)
We age down a bone stock Fender Telecaster neck to see how well we can shoot through Fender's finish.
Fender Player Series Stratocaster w/ Pau Ferro neck
Coming soon! Pau Ferro is the new replacement for rosewood, due to CITES issues with sourcing rosewood in an environmentally friendly way. We are going to do a few tests on this guitar to test the effect of UV on these new models and materials.
Birdeye maple fretboard
It's about time we do some aging of birdseye maple (a popular request) using a fretboard as our stock.
Epiphone 339 (by Gibson)
This is the closest thing I have to a violin, being an all maple guitar with fairly thin finish. We took a couple days worth of medium level UV, and turned this inexpensive guitar into something that belies the sub $400 price.
Going Rogue on an acoustic guitar
Time to throw caution to the wind and age down an acoustic guitar. Watch as we spare no expense in aging this priceless Rogue acoustic guitar. Well, it was on sale for $49 but you get the idea.
UV on Colors
Watch as we go nuts and expose a bunch of different color Les Paul guitars, just to see what happens. Maybe something good, maybe something bad, we don't know until we try. Don't worry, we use Epiphone's cheapest Les Pauls for these tests, no Gibsons were harmed in the production of this page.
Aging Swamp Ash - "1964" Fender Telecaster
Recreating a 1964 Fender Telecaster using the right pickups and aging the swamp ash body down and adding an ultra thin finish. Beautiful results. My second attempt, and I actually use this guitar now.
Aging Pine - "1949" Barncaster (100 year old pine)
Aging 100 year old barn pine to make a quazi-replica of Leo Fender's first prototype. I did everything wrong in my first attempt, yet it still looks good, sounds great and is good enough to jam with. Using a Fender "62 pickup and a Squier neck.
Barncaster - Simple aging and finish project
A down and dirty test of aging 100 year old barn pine (exterior) to get as dark as we can get. Interesting results.
Aging mahogany - Les Paul with satin finish
I aged this Epiphone Les Paul by exposing the mahogany back to some UV using the Solacure SG-1-40 aging lamps. This will show what aging through a thin finish can accomplish with dark woods. I was very pleased with the results.
Aging mahogany - Stratocaster guitar
Here we age a bookmatched mahogany guitar body and finish it. This project went horribly wrong after a lack of experience with finishes turned a beautiful guitar into a crazed mess. That's ok, it will get sanded down and we will start over. Remember, Dennis is a UV expert, not a luthier.
Aging alder wood on a guitar
Here we take an existing guitar that has a mix-matched alder body, and even it out. We shoot through the finish, so it takes a little longer.
Aging nitrocellulose lacquer on a Fender Precision Bass
In progress. We age a Fender Highway One Precision with nitrocellulose finish to see how long it takes to get finish checking, to recreate a closet classic look.
Daphne Blue - Nitro over urethane to age it with UV
In progress. Going to do several tests with this urethane body, coat it with nitro and age down, plus we are are aging a maple/maple neck with nitro over urethane as well.
First Act
Let's abuse a $10 garage sale mini guitar and learn nothing from it.
Aging a maple neck
In progress. Very simple and common usage, aging the wood on a maple neck through a thin finish or sealer. You will never use tinted finish again once you see how much better and authentic this looks.

1949 Prototype #2
Second go at aging pine, this time a body with many boards. It looks rough, but in a good way.
Maple / Rosewood Telecaster Neck by Aklot
Coming soon! We are going to age down a rosewood over maple neck. This one is a left handed neck but I will swap out the nut and use it as a reverse headstock on a right handed guitar. Shipping and all, the neck was under $50, and in this case, was provided free by Aklot for the test. I've bought other things from them (a couple of ukuleles) and I've been pretty impressed by their quality, so we will see.
G&L ASAT Classic - Aging swamp ash & maple
We age down swamp ash and a solid maple neck while the guitar is fully assembled, and we do it through a thick polyester finish to see how fast and how effective the Solacure SG-1s are.
Aging Alder - Fender / Warmoth Telecaster Cabronita
Finally, one of my favorite models! We have two or three tests planned for this solid, book-matched alder body guitar from Warmoth (a licensed version of the Fender Cabronita). We aren't going for eyepopping, we are going for aged, and for the first time, we will age down solid alder without any sealers or finish. I'm very tempted to then put a rustic red stain and some nitrocellulose to seal it up, but time will tell.
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