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Multiple Fender Telecaster / Stratocaster necksMultiple Fender Telecaster / Stratocaster necks
After the success of the last Fender neck, I decided to test several different types, both to show consistency in aging, and to show there will not be damage to the logos themselves. All and all, I'm very happy with how they came out.

The big difference between this and using a tinted finish? Personally, I think tinted finishes are ugly and orange. This looks 100% more realistic because, well, it uses the same process that naturally ages the necks, only we do it faster. Using UV for aging wood is definitely more work than orange "vintage" tint, but it is worth it, as the necks look 100% realistic and not faked.

First, we mask off a small part of the butt end so we can gauge the actual amount of darkening we are getting. This part isn't shown when installed.

A look down the necks while they are being aged.

Another look while they are being aged. See that green color? We put just a little green in our aging lamps to make them easier and safer to work with. Pure UV is invisible, this lets you see where the UV is hitting.

Now we are done. Very dark, very aged and much more appealing to the eye

Even where we tape off, it still ages a little, but this give you a decent idea of the before and after.

More views.

Close up view.

At the end of the day, tinting will always look fake, and using UV to naturally age a guitar neck will always look completely authentic. You just put some SG-1 bulbs on them, flip them once a day, and after 3 days on each side, you have a neck that still looks like it is in new condition, but looks like it is 30 or 40 years old. True closet classic.

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