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SG-1 (6 foot) 16 pack
SG-1 (6 foot) 16 pack
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Patented technology delivers insane amounts of UVA in the 365nm-370nm range, with a dose of 312-325nm and 288nm to prevent bubbling in your finish. Put end to end for a 12 foot long span when curing surf boards, or in a circle for longer instruments like guitars, cellos, upright bass and more. Works beautifully in any situation that requires longer length (assembly lines, etc) or maximum power. Centered at 100w, will operate anywhere between 80w and 120w. Will tolerate much higher wattages up to 160w but that will dramatically reduce life. Estimated life for use in wood aging, cannabis cultivation or other applications where they are not cycled on and off frequently is 2000 hours or more. Rapid cycle application reduces life to around 1500 hours.

Cutaway of RUVA UV curing lamp
All SG model lamps have a built in reflector. Regular lamps (shown left) emit light in all directions, but almost all reflectors will absorb the UV instead of reflect it. By putting in a special reflective coating INSIDE the lamp (right), we can reflect the UV back to the project, before it even has a chance to pass through the glass. The result is up to 50% more UV output on your project. Add that to the superior output and patented technology inside, and you have twice the functional power when compared to any ordinary UV lamp. Patented, tested and proven.

Solacure SG lamps for UV curing, cannabis, wood aging and more