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SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
Item#: SG1sunkit
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Product Description
This is a complete power kit including a SunHorse 120V @2.4amp ballast, 8 premium Leviton lamp holders (two per lamp), mounting screws and 4 of our best selling FR71T12 SG-1 UVA/B lamps.

This versatile kit is mainly designed for curing, and is very popular for surf-board makers, luthiers of fine instruments and high production assembly line work. It has also been tested for cannabis production and wood aging. It is a solid, all around UVA / UVB lamp with extremely high output in the 365nm, plus output in the 32-315nm range and in the 280-288nm range to suppress bubbles and surface flaws. Proven for curing applications that need a 365nm center frequency.
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Solacure SG lamps for UV curing, cannabis, wood aging and more