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SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
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Product Description
For aging materials like wood, curing out lacquer or other finishes, and for curing UV resin that wants 365nm UVA as a primary frequency. This is a blended lamp with mostly UVA, but it has a few percent UVB to reduce bubbles and aid in aging materials. It is very "sun-like" in output, unlike single phosphor lamps. Works for any application you want to replicate the full UV spectrum in a sun like manner. Lamps are size FR71T12, which are about 5 foot and 10 inches long.

The most proven and guaranteed way to get maximum oxidation without too much heat. This kit easily scales if you need 8, 12 or 16 lamps. Just order more kits They work for many applications were you want UV curing and lower kits, not just violins, but they are the kit of choice for violin makers. This is a COMPLETE kit with all the parts you need, except the housing. Each contains:

1. Four Solacure SG-1 FR20T12 lamps (2 foot long, 1.5" thick)
2. One Workhorse WH7 high frequency ballast (~30w per lamp at 100,000hz, equals 40w of a regular ballast)
3. 8 (+1 spare) flush mount lamp holders (shunted)
4. Hardware includes screws to mount lamp holders and ballast, plus shims for ballast.
5. Spare wire to chain lamp ends.
6. Ground wire.
7. Six foot power cable plus strain relief to surface or hole mount.
8. Electrical connectors to hook it all together.
9. One pair of clear, UV glasses, for safety.
Basically, it is everything except the fixture to mount it to, which you custom build for your application.

This versatile kit is mainly designed for curing, and is very popular for surf-board makers, luthiers of fine instruments and high production assembly line work. It has also been tested for cannabis production and wood aging. It is a solid, all around UVA / UVB lamp with extremely high output in the 365nm, plus output in the 32-315nm range and in the 280-288nm range to suppress bubbles and surface flaws. Proven for curing applications that need a 365nm center frequency.

Download the owner's manual in PDF booklet format.

Solacure SG lamps for UV curing, cannabis, wood aging and more