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SG-1 (6 foot lamp, best value)
SG-1 (6 foot lamp, best value)
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Product Description
The SG1 line of lamps is the most powerful broadrange UV lamps we make. (SG1 stands for Special Glass, First edition) The glass is more transparent to UV than any other UV glass, enough so that it earned a patent. The phosphors are a unique blend designed for twice the life of a standard ultraviolet bulb, so they are exceptionally cost effective. The vast majority of the output (98%) is in the 365nm and higher range, with a small amount of output in the very low UVB range, including near 290nm, lower than regular lamps can produce. This exclusive blend makes this lamp highly effective for a number of applications, both UV resin curing and horticultural.

We have licensed the patent for this lamp, and have worked with it for 5 years now in a variety of configurations. Like all lamps based on this new technology, they will have a green glow when energized.

FR71T12 (F71T12 with reflector)
69.4 inches long, 1.5 inch in diameter
Bi pin design, uses standard bipin holder
Accepts wattage from 80 to 120 watts. Optimal life/output around 100 watts
Expected life: Varies with wattage and amount of switching, from 1200 to 2000 hours
A perfect match with our SunHorse ballast, which was designed to push 4 of these lamps.

Cutaway of RUVA UV curing lamp
Like most Solacure lamps, the SG-1 has a built in reflector, so you don't need to worry about using reflective material with it. The image on the left shows a regular lamp, the image on the right is a RUVA (reflector) lamp, like this SG-1. It forces all the light to go in one direction, making designing and installing a system much easier. White paint used on most fixtures absorbs UV, and aluminum only reflects about half, but this built in reflector is closer to 80% effective. This means the lamp has about 50% more total UV output than a non-reflector design with a home made reflector.

Expected life
This will vary, according to usage, ambient temperature and how often the lamp is cycled on and off. Like most UV lamps, the UVB phosphors will break down faster than the UVA phosphors, so if you are using it solely for the UVA phosphors (UV curing, quick aging, etc.) then you can expect to get at least 2000 hours under most any circumstance. If you are using them for growing, you can expect 1200-1600 hours (or more) depending on how often you cycle them.

Powered Kits
Our powered kits save you even more! Looking below for kits or call to have a custom kit put together for you.

You can use any ballast rated for 100W (+/- 20w). The best ballast is the SunHorse ballast, which is an ultra-high frequency ballast designed to power 4 lamps in HO (high output) mode. You can also power 4 lamps with the WorkHorse 7 ballast in standard mode (lower power), or 3 lamps with the WorkHorse 8 if you wire it in VHO mode (two red wires per lamp). This will push it at a level between Standard mode and HO mode.
SG-1 - Six foot kit of 4 bulbs
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Solacure SG lamps for UV curing, cannabis, wood aging and more