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Curall 365 - 16 lamp Professional Pack
Curall 365 - 16 lamp Professional Pack
Curall 365 - 16 lamp Professional Pack
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Product Description
The Curall 365 is a best seller for people who know what they want, 365nm UVA, and they want a lot of it. Because the Curall is a single phosphor, narrow band lamp, you get maximum power where you need it. This is our best selling lamp for pool cue makers, fishing lure finishing and other applications that need minimal heat and good curing. It can be run on as little as 32 watts, so you can use off the shelf F32T8 or F40T12 fixtures. Of course, they can take as much as 60 watts as well, for applications where you want to milk every possible photon out of them! This is a proven, popular and easy to work with lamp that works in the vast majority of UV curing situations, and buying a multi-pack makes it the cheapest way to add more lamps, get faster results, so you can spend more time on your craft and less time waiting for your finish to cure.

Cutaway of RUVA UV curing lamp

Built-in reflector - Like most of our lamps, the Universal UV FR32 is a RUVA style lamp, meaning it has a built in reflector. This means you don't have to worry about a reflector system for your applications.

Maximum savings when you this 16 lamp Professional Pack.
Solacure Means Quality

Solacure ultraviolet lamps aren't just good, we guarantee they are the best or we will give you your money back. Our patented glass is more transparent to UVA and UVB. Our custom cathode/anode sets lets you run 2 to 3 times more power than a standard lamp in the same size. All of our lamps have built in reflectors. We have a lamp for every need.

We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee each will perform exactly to specification, or we will replace them. We don't want your business this week, we want it every week, and we are willing to earn it. There really is a difference in quality when it comes to ultraviolet bulbs, and Solacure tops the list. Order online, over the phone, or call us if you need a custom UV lamp made, with fairly low minimums (around 2000 pieces). We can make it happen.

Buy with confidence: We like what we do, and we've been doing it for over 30 years.
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